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About Me
Words are my life. I started speaking at ten months old, and according to family lore, never stopped. I read the New York Times at age three, and have spent most of my life acquiring words, languages, phrases, expressions, and slang -- and a sense for how to use them. So when I (almost literally) fell into trademark law as my legal specialty, I wondered what took me so long. Apart from trademark law giving me an excuse to read fashion and gossip magazines (People is invaluable for keeping up with trends, really!), I find it the perfect specialty for the hyper-observant. Trademarks are like the proper accessories -- they help create the right impression for the right customer. If I accent my clothing with an Hermes scarf, I'll create a vastly differing impression than I will with a Patagonia fleece vest. A trademark can do the same thing: the clothing store named TALBOTS creates via its name a dramatically different impression from the one called ZUMIEZ, and indeed, the two stores target a very different demographic. A wine called WOOP WOOP may appeal to a different consumer than CHATEAU MONTELENA does. I love exploring those nuances of language and communication -- so I love to help my clients select trademarks that suit their businesses and fit their personalities, whether corporate or personal. So let’s talk -- I’ll help streamline and demystify the trademark selection and application process for you.
As far as my experience? I've been practicing trademark law since 1990. I got my start at Pennie & Edmonds, where I received amazing training in virtually all aspects of intellectual property law (N.B. I do not now, never have, and never will prosecute patents.) I moved to Seattle in 1992 and have been working on trademark prosecution for clients large and small, ever since, mostly at the law firm formerly known as Preston Gates & Ellis LLP (now K&L Gates). I am a 1983 magna cum laude graduate of Brown University, a 1989 graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, and am admitted to the state bars of Washington and New York. When I'm not working, I'm reading, cooking, reading, doing the New York Times crossword puzzle, reading, skiing, reading, exploring wines, and reading. I share these interests with two entertaining daughters, a wonderful husband, and the toy poodle pictured above.  All of us relocated to the Denver area in April of 2008. 
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