Law Office of Jessica Stone Levy, PLLC
Counseling and clearance -- The first step in this process is determining whether your trademark is available for use and registration.  The simple way to do this is to perform a trademark search.  But just because no one else has registered a mark doesn't mean it's available;  it may just be a generic or descriptive term and not worth the effort to try to register.  I'm going to help you assess up front, before we file an application, whether you've got a mark that's going to be difficult to register, and potentially difficult to protect.  I rely for searching on the US Patent & Trademark Office's register, on professional search companies, on the Internet and various search engines, and on my own common sense.

Prosecution -- The USPTO is a capricious and unpredictable bureaucracy.  I can try to predict how they'll view a certain mark or argument, but cannot guarantee results.  My goal is to file and prosecute trademark applications strategically, in order to speed the process through the bureaucracy with a minimum of objection from the USPTO.  I like to work with you up front to craft a description of your goods or services that serves the dual purpose of meeting the USPTO's requirements and accurately capturing the nature of what you're doing. 

Conflicts -- I have handled oppositions and cancellations in the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and have counseled clients in the early stages of trademark disputes where we've resolved the issues short of litigation. 

Fees -- I charge a flat fee for preparing and filing applications and for prosecuting them through to registration, with the exception of responding to office actions from the USPTO, which I charge an hourly rate to prepare.  I charge the review of search reports and providing other guidance regarding trademarks at my hourly rate, which is substantially lower than a large law firm rate.   Similarly, I charge my hourly rate for handling trademark oppositions and cancellations and disputes.
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