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What is a trademark?*
   The US Patent & Trademark Office ("USPTO") provides a definition here:  Basically, it's any symbol or word that identifies goods or services.   

What is a copyright?
   Copyright protects original works of authorship, fixed in a tangible form.  The Copyright Office's website,, is unbelievably helpful.

What is a patent?
   I wouldn't even presume to say - just go here:  It makes me nervous just thinking about it.

What does TM mean?  Do I need to use it?  What about
The (®) or circle R is used only to designate a federally-registered trademark.  Until you have a registration certificate in your hand, you can't use it.  Before a registration issues, you may use the "tm" or "sm" designations.  Neither carries any legal significance but you may use them to indicate that you're claiming rights in a particular mark.

What is your favorite movie?
   It's a toss-up between This is Spinal Tap and The Philadelphia Story.

*Of course nothing on this page (or this website for that matter) should be construed as legal advice.

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